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Monthly Tip


Monthly Tips

It's that time of year again.  For less than $20 you can pick up some caulking and help protect your investment.  Be sure to check all of the existing caulking joints (especially around windows and penetrations) throughout your home.  If they are cracked and showing any gaps,  remove the old caulking and replace.  When you can, use backer rod when caulking.  Backer rod is basically foam in the shape of a "Rod" It looks like a very skinny foam rope.  You push the backer rod about 1/4" deep into the gap to be caulked.  This creates something for you to caulk against and this also helps to mold the caulking into the shape of an hour glass.  The hour glass shape is important because it allows for the caulking to expand and contract without breaking the bond to the caulked surface. You've caused the caulking to be thinner in the center by using backer rod on one side of the caulking and finishing it with  your finger, giving it the ability to stretch and still maintain that bond.

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